"TracLogik's asset tracking and telemetry monitoring system has been instrumental in our growth, with our relationship expanding from an initial 50 units to more than 4000 tracked assets."

/ Managing Director, Manufacturing Division

In 2012 a leading temporary traffic light manufacturing business approached TracLogik to assist them with a project to remotely monitor their fleet of assets, distributed throughout the UK and Ireland. This is now a business that provides portable and temporary traffic light systems to the traffic management industry and possesses Europe’s largest hire fleet.

TracLogik’s proposed solution involved tagging each asset with a remote monitoring device to enable location tracking of assets in real-time and receive selected telemetry information from the assets.


TracLogik Solution

Theft Management
Reliable GPS tracking of high-value assets, left on the street across the UK and Ireland.

Assets are fitted with a covert GPS tracker which is managed through the TracLogik cloud-based asset management, tracking and security platform, Asset Command. The GPS tracker reports the assets' location in real time to enable swift recovery of stolen assets.

Planned Maintenance
The assets are battery powered with a requirement to change the batteries on regular occasions. Typically, batteries would be replaced according to a schedule; the assets would have fully charged batteries when a hire period commenced, and these would then be replaced after a set number of days of the hire period.

Using the TracLogik system the requirement for battery changes has been significantly reduced. TracLogik’s system enables real-time battery status and asset utilisation information which means that battery replacements can be planned for assets that require replacements, rather than all assets regardless of their actual utilisation.

Reactive Maintenance
A major cost to the business was the requirement for on-call engineers to attend site to service apparently faulty assets, as reported by members of the public. Often these reports would turn out to be incorrect, however with no way of remotely knowing the status of the asset, each call required immediate attendance.

TracLogik’s system was expanded to include the real-time monitoring of light status, allowing control room operators to remotely assess whether the asset had failed and required an engineer’s attendance, leading to the elimination of unnecessary engineer callouts.


The partnership continues to grow with an estate of more than 4,000 tracked assets.

TracLogik push asset status updates directly into the customer's own hire management software. This approach enables seamless data sharing between the systems and ensures that all users are able to access real-time asset status informaiton regardless of the system used.

The partnership continues and we are at the beginning of a project to further expand the remote data acquisition and monitoring system with a view to expand the business and reduce costs.

By further integrating the TracLogik device into the asset it’s planned that the asset will be able to be remotely configured, removing the requirement for attendance by staff once the asset is installed by the customer. This will enable remote programming of the asset to ensure that it’s correctly set up for safety without having to physically attend site.

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