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TracLogik specializes in GPS Asset Tracking Solutions to locate remote assets and staff, in real-time, anywhere in the world

TracLogik's ruggedized, covert, personal and fleet GPS devices are used to track transient vehicles, assets or personnel as they move from place to place.

Whether improving logistics, monitoring individual staff or safeguarding against theft, we have a unit to meet your needs.

Our broad range of tracking units can operate autonomously for extended periods without external power, or indefinitely with an external power source.

For example, TracLogik GPS units are concealed covertly within packages and operate on battery power alone for many months, or connected directly to the batteries of target vehicles and machinery, for indefinite service.

Push notifications are automatically dispatched in the event of external power failure and if backup battery levels drop below a predefined level.

As remote devices, TracLogik's GPS trackers need to be able to communicate their location and status back to the tracking system.

This is typically acheived using a roaming SIM card, giving access to multiple cellular data networks, anywhere in the world.

Where specialised communication is required, TracLogik have other solutions including access to LoRa, Sigfox, NB-IoT and satellite communication.

TracLogik's asset tracking management software suite, Asset Command, brings the tracking information to life for users.

Users are able to report on assets – to see the locations of specific assets or a group of assets, locations – to see which assets are at a specific location or just view a map to see the locations of all assets graphically.

With built in user profiles administrators can ensure that users can only view the assets & locations they need.

Few of our customers have the same requirements. That's ok - customisation is what we do.

Do you need to combine mutiple tracking technologies into a single interface? Bypass our system and pull location data into your own existing system? Leverage an existing investment and integrate something new? Or something else?

We can help.

Our Customers Use TracLogik GPS Solutions For

Asset Management

View asset locations in real time, anywhere in the world.

Asset Protection

Reduce theft and increase asset recovery rates.

Sensor Information

Access real time asset sensor information or monitor asset statuses across your estate.

Real Time Notifications

Set alerts and notifications for unplanned events. Get notified of developing situations in real-time.

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