TracLogik specializes in healthcare asset tracking & management services for healthcare asset management, patient flow & bed management, sample management, and tracking applications for care homes.

Hospitals are typically sprawling campuses consisting of different buildings with thousands of assets spread throughout, ensuring they are complex environments to keep running.

TracLogik’s Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) streamline asset and staff location tracking via a combination of technologies including WiFi, Bluetooth (BLE), RFiD & GPS. Through TracLogik's Asset Command software, these asset tracking technologies deliver significant benefits to both front-line and maintenance staff by allowing them locate the assets they need to do their jobs more effectively.

Asset Tracking Solutions for Healthcare

Patient Location

Monitor the location of high-risk patients with TracLogik's patient location solution.

Healthcare Equipment Tracking

Reduce time spent searching for crucial healthcare equipment to a couple of clicks.

Bed Management & Patient Flow

Deploy TracLogik's services to streamline patient-flow and bed management.

Healthcare Asset Management

Manage all your healthcare assets including scheduled maintenance, calibration & cleaning.

Healthcare Sample Management

Monitor the location and environmental conditions of remotely collected samples ensuring integrity from collection to the lab.

Asset & Personnel Tracking within Care Homes

Monitor vulnerable carehome residents and staff to improve patient care.

Why TracLogik for Healthcare RTLS?

TracLogik provides a simple to use, but incredibly powerful real-time location system for healthcare and other industries.

TracLogik’s philosophy is that there's no such thing as one-size-fits-all. All TracLogik’s services are designed to be highly customisable to meet specific user requirements. Whether you need integration with an existing system, an on-premise software deployment or specific functionality enhancements to Asset Command, these can all be built in to your requirements.

Understand the full picture with a real time view of your asset locations

Create asset reports at the click of a button

Locate your assets quickly and accurately for scheduled or emergency servicing, maintenance, cleaning & calibration

Combine active and passive RFID, WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth and GPS technologies to deliver a complete solution with a single dedicated control panel

Track location history information to build up a clear view of hospital operations

Create alerts to notify teams when unauthorised events are detected

Leverage existing infrastructure for a low cost deployment

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