Effortless Asset Tracking that
Just Works

Asset Command combines Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi and RFID technologies and brings them to life for users.

The flexibility of Asset Command enables trackers & tags across multiple different technologies to be connected to the same interface to deliver a unified view of all your assets in real time. So, whether you’re tracking assets across the globe, within buildings, or both, Asset Command provides a singular view of your entire tracking & telemetry estate.

Asset Command is available to users 24/7/365 meaning that it’s always ready for users. Even when users are not logged in the automated monitoring & management systems are functioning to provide real-time alerts & notifications based on pre-set conditions & scenarios.

Asset Command is designed as Software as a Service (SaaS), meaning that there’s no costly capital expenditure associated with purchasing software licences & the ongoing costs are minimised without maintenance & hardware to worry about.

However, where a different approach is required, Asset Command can be deployed in several other ways. An on-premise deployment ensures that your tracking data is always held within your network. A managed hosted deployment gives you the confidence & security of your own system without the IT overhead & maintenance requirements.

Since Asset Command is designed & developed in house it means that specific feature & functionality additions can be easily built into the system to power unique customer usage requirements.

TracLogik’s approach to all customers is to fully understand their individual requirements & then recommend the best combination of hardware technologies & software underpinning to meet those. If additional features need to be built into the system this isn’t a problem.

Deployment Options

Use Asset Command as a SaaS product, or alternatively deploy on-premise.

Unified Tracking

Combine Bluetooth, GPS, WiFi & RFID asset tracking into a single, unified platform.

Always On

24/7/365 Access to your live and historical data.

Endless Customisation

Customisable with options to power the demanding of usage applications.

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