Effortless Asset Tracking that
Just Works

TracLogik specializes in Bluetooth Asset Tracking Solutions to let you view your asset locations and statuses in real time, throughout buildings, across campuses and within defined outdoor areas.

Using Bluetooth tracking tags based on either the iBeacon or Eddystone standards means hundreds of combinations of form factor, battery size and additional sensors. This ensures that there will be a low-cost tag to achieve a huge range of specific use cases and scenarios.

TracLogik's Bluetooth receivers pick up messages from the Bluetooth tags and report the location of the tags back to the TracLogik's Asset Command software. Receivers can be deployed at choke points for entry/exit monitoring, or more widely for full real-time location information of tracked assets.

The system is flexible, enabling additional receivers to be added as required to extend the system’s footprint.

TracLogik's asset tracking management software suite, Asset Command, brings the tracking information to life for users.

Users are able to report on assets – to see the locations of specific assets or a group of assets, locations – to see which assets are at a specific location or just view a map to see the locations of all assets graphically.

With built in user profiles administrators can ensure that users can only view the assets & locations they need.

TracLogik manages the complete solution on behalf of our customers.

Initial requirement audit and solution design.

Installation, integration and user training.

Industry leading support organisation for ongoing support and maintenance.

Few of our customers have the same requirements. That's ok - customisation is what we do.

Do you need to combine mutiple tracking technologies into a single interface? Bypass our system and pull location data into your own existing system? Leverage an existing investment and integrate something new? Or something else?

We can help.

Our Customers Use TracLogik Bluetooth Solutions For

Asset Management

View asset locations in real time within buildings and across defined outdoor areas.

Asset Protection

Reduce theft and increase asset recovery rates.

Smart Buildings

Access real time asset sensor information across your estate.

Real Time Notifications

Set alerts and notifications for unplanned events. Get notified of developing situations in real-time.

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