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Forklift Truck Tracking

TracLogik deliver customised, flexible forklift tracking solutions for warehouses and manufacturing companies that need to improve safety and optimise their operations. Using an amalgamation of GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) tracking technologies, your organisation can benefit from a single or hybrid asset tracking and management solution.

For high-quality, reliable and versatile asset management and tracking systems, TracLogik delivers an integrated solution, known as Asset Command, which can be customised to your exact requirements. To view all of your active forklift routes, operations and personnel data in real-time, regardless of which IoT technology you have implemented, the easy to use interface of TracLogik’s Asset Command solution is exactly what you need.

Forklift Truck Tracking

Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technologies fitted to forklifts and other vehicles used in manufacturing and warehouse operations need to be high-quality and reliable. For warehouse managers looking to improve efficiency and productivity, whilst seeing real-time vehicle positioning and historical location data, TracLogik can implement a solution that gives you complete visibility. Through Asset Command, warehouse forklift tracking has never been so transparent and easy to view, meaning that your important and time-sensitive decision-making can be made simpler and more streamlined. What’s more, complete and reliable asset tracking helps organisations reap the benefits of reduced costs, improved health and safety, through having complete visibility of each forklift location in real-time.

Each customised asset tracking system is underpinned by best-in-class IoT hardware, with additional RTLS tracking capabilities layered in, as required, to deliver a complete, bespoke solution. This flexibility allows you to track fleets, vehicles, cargo, packaging and even people passing through your facilities. With TracLogik’s always-on, cloud-based asset management platform, all real-time data is passed to the desired users at the right time, with alerts and notifications dispatched based on your desired preset conditions.

Whatever technology you require for your forklift operation, TracLogik can deliver a complete solution, customised for you.

TracLogik delivers forklift GPS tracking solutions that help you to see real-time telemetry for all your vehicles anywhere in the world, at any time. TracLogik’s GPS vehicle tracking devices can operate autonomously with a long battery life or indefinitely by being hard-wired to an external power source, and can be fitted to any vehicle you need monitoring.

To locate remote assets and personnel in real-time, in one or across multiple locations, TracLogik’s robust and reliable GPS tracking software is the customisable and flexible solution you need.

Perfect for warehouse managers that need to monitor their collections and deliveries; through the usage of Asset Command, your GPS trackers will send accurate, real-time location information to your system. In many cases, warehouses and facilities require a combination of both GPS and Bluetooth asset tracking hardware. Both these technologies can be deployed in vehicles and depots, allowing your tracked assets to be assigned with long-lasting BLE beacons in order to be tracked throughout their journey. For total visibility of all historical and geographical data on loading, in transit and upon exit, TracLogik’s customisable Bluetooth Low Energy tracking system can meet your needs.

UWB asset tracking provides centimetre-level accuracy for facilities and applications where real-time movements are necessary. UWB tracking tags enable razor-sharp tracking across defined areas, with real-time tracking and historical location data instantly available on request. TracLogik can implement a flexible asset tracking and management platform exactly to your needs, either as a standalone system or to integrate with your existing setup.

Sometimes one singular RTLS asset tracking technology isn’t sufficient given the breadth of coverage and span required for some manufacturing operations. TracLogik can implement a series of scalable IoT asset tracking technologies and hardware to give you a hybrid solution, again into a single-integrated system.

TracLogik Logistics Asset Tracking Solutions Enable

Always-On Monitoring

Monitor Your Assets in Real-Time

Historical Data

Check historical data to ensure compliance

System Integration

Integrate to your other monitoring systems

Real Time Notifications

Set alerts and notifications for unplanned events. Get notfied of developing situations in real-time.

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