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Cage, Trolley & Pallet Tracking

Logistics businesses using pallets, cages and trolleys for their deliveries are often faced with significant, regular expenditure to replace items lost during the course of business. In most cases these missing assets are rarely lost and often attributable to an absence of an effective cage management tracking system.

The loss of one or two cages is easily written off. However, losing one or two cages a week, from multiple depots across the country quickly amounts to a significant impact on organisation often resulting in the loss of tens of thousands of pounds each year in replacements.

In 2020, the complication of contact-free proof of delivery (POD) for COVID-secure operations has added a further layer of complexity to cage management.

Working in partnership with a number of logistics businesses, TracLogik has developed a suite of flexible solutions that can be tailored to overcome these challenges.

Whilst attaching a GPS tracker to every cage, trolley or pallet would give a real-time view of its location, anywhere in the world, the challenges associated with battery life and cost-of-deployment prevent GPS tracking from being a viable solution.

RFID & Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) would seem an obvious alternative but only work when the tracked asset is close to the depot or warehouse.

TracLogik's solution harnesses the strengths of both GPS & Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) offering the best of both technologies in a single solution.

Our GPS Bluetooth readers can easily be deployed within vehicles and depots enabling cages, pallets and trollies to be assigned with an inexpensive BLE beacon which can then be tracked through depots, warehouses and distribution centres, onto delivery vehicles and at their delivered locations.

This in turn provides total visibility of the assets geographical location on loading, in transit and leaving the vehicle in which it has been transported.

TracLogik's intuitive software enables, transport managers to instantly identify the number of available cages & trollies within a warehouse, as well assets in transit between locations to further assist in simplifying loading operations.

Users can quickly identify where missing assets are located. The systems geographical zoning can also assist in identifying which customers are retaining your equipment so that you're able to ensure its safe return enabling users to manage the asset distribution more effectively.

To ensure COVID-secure operations, delivery notes and paperwork are a thing of the past. TracLogik's system will generate a proof of delivery, showing the exact time of delivery, the GPS location and the cage or trolly IDs that were delivered to a specific customer.

The POD can be augmented with a photograph taken using the driver's smartphone/tablet and automatically emailed to the customer.

Few of our customers have the same requirements. That's ok - customisation is what we do.

Do you need to combine mutiple tracking technologies from a single asset? Bypass our system and pull location data into your own existing system? Leverage an existing investment and integrate something new? Or something else?

We can help.

TracLogik Logistics Asset Tracking Solutions Enable

Always-On Monitoring

Monitor Your Assets in Real-Time

Historical Data

Check historical data to ensure compliance

System Integration

Integrate to your other monitoring systems

Real Time Notifications

Set alerts and notifications for unplanned events. Get notfied of developing situations in real-time.

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