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Airport Terminal Asset Tracking

TracLogik provides a comprehensive, customisable airport terminal asset tracking solution. Airports are busy and complex places, requiring thousands of assets, equipment and people passing through every day. Asset Command, TracLogik’s real-time asset management platform, gives airport operations managers the tools and real-time visibility they need to manage these complex estates, keep to their maintenance schedules and overcome difficult obstacles.

TracLogik’s flexible asset tracking solution is underpinned by best-in-class hardware and with multiple IoT (Internet of Things) asset tracking technologies and an industry leading software platform, Asset Command. TracLogik’s solution enables assets to be viewed and tracked in real-time, and can be deployed as a bespoke solution to give operations managers a cohesive view of all assets across the airport.

RTLS For Airports

TracLogik provides a powerful, easy-to-use RTLS (Real-Time Location System) for airport terminals. These systems enable airports to deploy cost-effective, flexible solutions for accurate real-time monitoring of thousands of assets, both indoors and outdoors.

TracLogik’s RTLS tracking solutions can be tailored to the unique requirements of a specific airport or airport operation. The solution incorporates best-in-class IoT tracking technologies - including GPS, RFID, WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) - to ensure every asset can be easily and cost-effectively tagged, tracked and integrated providing a unified view of the complete airport operation.

Whether you require Asset Command to integrate to an existing system, an on-premise software deployment or specific functionality, TracLogik can help. Airports are busy environments, therefore the need for structured, seamless integration with constant, real-time asset tracking is crucial.

TracLogik uses cutting-edge Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) asset tracking technology, to efficiently locate your assets throughout the airport terminal.

Using BLE beacons available in numerous configurations, TracLogik’s solution is suitable for a variety of applications inside and outside of the airport, allowing for an easy and unobtrusive integration.

Modern Bluetooth tags consume very little energy and offer several years of uninterrupted battery life in continual operation. As well as being energy-efficient and long-lasting, BLE beacons are also cost-effective, and can be installed easily. What’s more, airport operations managers can use preset triggers to receive real-time alerts to get immediately notified of developing situations.

Regardless of your requirements, you can gain intuitive and uninterrupted access to your constantly updating information, including real-time locations, geographical positioning and historical data.

Real-time asset tracking can be used to improve processes within airports than span the entire chain of operations. With RTLS technology, large-scale facilities like airport terminals offer the following advantages:

  • Monitoring of all assets in real-time, whether your tracking system is deployed with a single technology like Bluetooth Low Energy or with multiple technologies that are seamlessly combined on the same platform.
  • Your data is not siloed in different systems, with Asset Command giving you the location of the asset, and all complexities are hidden from view. Where required, Asset Command data can be pushed into other systems via a customisable API.
  • You can set alerts for entry and exit points, speed, non-attendance for specific tasks, low voltage or battery and other conditions based on your telemetry data. Alerts can be pushed to operators or other users as necessary.
  • Geofencing rules and parameters can be set as necessary to enable swift resolution and action, ensuring your assets are protected and are not taken off-site, tampered with or destroyed.
  • Asset Command can be integrated to your other monitoring systems as necessary.
  • All your assets’ historical data can be viewed easily to ensure compliance.
  • A cloud-based solution (other deployment options are available), your BLE asset tracking system stays on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, remaining uninterrupted and unobtrusive.
  • With such cohesive, structured asset tracking, you can enjoy smooth and enhanced route finding, while improving work conditions and productivity within your facility.

Often, tracking systems will work only with a single tracking technology such as GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy or RFID. TracLogik is different.

TracLogik's solutions seamlessly combine all major tracking technologies into the same platform, ensuring data is not siloed in differing systems. This complexity is hidden from the user - all they care about is the location of the asset.

Few of our customers have the same requirements. That's ok - customisation is what we do.

Do you need to combine mutiple tracking technologies from a single asset? Bypass our system and pull location data into your own existing system? Leverage an existing investment and integrate something new? Or something else?

We can help.

TracLogik Airside & Landside Ground Support Equipment Tracking Solutions Enable

Always-On Monitoring

Monitor Your Assets in Real-Time

Historical Data

Check historical data to ensure compliance

System Integration

Integrate to your other monitoring systems

Real Time Notifications

Set alerts and notifications for unplanned events. Get notfied of developing situations in real-time.

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