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Airport Personnel Tracking

TracLogik provides personnel and asset tracking solutions for airports and aerospace facilities requiring accurate real-time visibility and location information of all their assets and personnel in one place. Capitalise on the benefits provided by Asset Command, a customisable, flexible and scalable asset management platform that’s backed up by best-in-class hardware. Along with this, airports can utilise single IoT technologies - such as GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), WiFi and RFID - or a hybrid of these technologies as required, with the complexities hidden from the user. TracLogik’s personnel tracking solutions seamlessly combine leading IoT tracking technologies together into a single asset management platform, giving airport operations managers complete control and visibility over all staff on the ground, both indoors and outdoors.

Real-Time Personnel Tracking

Tracking locations of people within busy airports can prove invaluable in enhancing the safety, efficiency and productivity of everyone involved. Airports are naturally bustling and often filled with many thousands of travellers and staff at any given time. This is why airports rely heavily on their assets and personnel, whether inside terminal buildings such as moving walkways, or assets placed outdoors, such as boarding bridges.

TracLogik provides cloud-based asset management solutions that help airport operations managers to constantly track aviation assets. These solutions are designed to help airports improve in key areas, such as:

  • Operations - understanding where personnel and physical assets are, at any given time, is essential for airports to avoid any timely or costly delays to their operations. With RTLS (Real-Time Location Systems) effectively in place, you can bring costs down thanks to a lack of misplaced, lost or stolen assets.
  • Customer Experience - airport personnel are crucial for a positive customer experience, whether inside or outside. By having the right people in the right place at the right time, airlines and airports can ensure a high-quality customer experience as travellers move through the airport.
  • Security - airport security costs can make up a large percentage of an airport’s income, and although each airport’s requirements differ, they still need secure and tracked assets. With real-time tracking technologies from TracLogik, airport security alerts can be set up for when unplanned events or problems occur, allowing security staff to notice and react quickly and decisively.

Modern IoT asset tracking technologies and devices allow airport managers to track their workforce’s every location, both historical and current. Through the use of a tracking tag or directly through a remote device, by tracking their personnel, they can ensure the right people are correctly deployed and positioned at the right time. This allows for seamless and productive operations, as well as monitor their attendance and time spent inside or outside the facility.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tracking systems can be deployed inside depots and also across defined areas which span outside a facility. Each asset is assigned to a robust, reliable Bluetooth tracking tag beacon that can be tracked throughout each journey’s lifespan. Bluetooth tracking tags are sturdy, flexible and versatile, with the ability to accommodate additional receivers as necessary. This helps to extend the footprint of your desired, customised system. Receivers can be deployed at various choke points for personnel monitoring as they enter or exit the facilities, or alternatively, used more widely to gain broader real-time asset and personnel location information.

TracLogik deploy best-in-class GPS asset trackers, providing scalable and configurable options for airport personnel tracking across large-scale areas outdoors. Personnel GPS IoT tracking devices benefit from a long battery life and built in SOS button to enable staff to summon help if required.

TracLogik’s UWB (Ultra-Wide Band) tracking solutions enable airports to track all their assets and personnel across defined areas, providing centimetre-level accuracy. Historical location data and geographic information are readily available through Asset Command, allowing managers to make informed decisions relating to the current telemetry landscape.

TracLogik Airside & Landside Ground Support Equipment Tracking Solutions Enable

Always-On Monitoring

Monitor Your Assets in Real-Time

Historical Data

Check historical data to ensure compliance

System Integration

Integrate to your other monitoring systems

Real Time Notifications

Set alerts and notifications for unplanned events. Get notfied of developing situations in real-time.

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