Next Generation
Ground Support Equipment Management Suite

Airports are complex places, requiring thousands of vehicles and ground support equipment. TracLogik's asset management solutions give airport operations managers the tools they need to effectively manage complex estates, tight turn-arounds and critical maintenance schedules.

Powered by Asset Command, TracLogik's world-class asset management and tracking portal, the solution incorporates leading asset tracking technologies including, GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), RFiD and WiFi to ensure that all asset can be easily and cost effectively tagged, tracked and integrated to a single system, giving users a real-time view of all assets.

Alerts can be triggered to warn users of unplanned or dangerous events, ensuring that swift action can be taken to ensure business continuity.

GPS tracking provides real-time tracking of powered and non-powered assets, ensuring that operations managers always have a clear view of which assets are where.

When assets transition into buildings, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) tracking tags provide location updates where the GPS satellite information is unavailable, ensuring a seamless switch.

Schedules and status information can be built in to ensure the right peice of equipment ends up where it's needed. Alerts can be set for non-attendance to enable swift resolution.

Set alerts for entering/exiting defined zones, proximity to other assets, speeding, non-attendance for a scheduled task, low voltage and other conditions based on telemetry data from the vehicle.

Alerts can be pushed to an operator or escalated to other users as required.

Often, tracking systems will work only with a single tracking technology such as GPS, Bluetooth Low Energy or RFID. TracLogik is different.

TracLogik's solutions seamlessly combine all major tracking technologies into the same platform, ensuring data is not siloed in differing systems. This complexity is hidden from the user - all they care about is the location of the asset.

Few of our customers have the same requirements. That's ok - customisation is what we do.

Do you need to combine mutiple tracking technologies from a single asset? Bypass our system and pull location data into your own existing system? Leverage an existing investment and integrate something new? Or something else?

We can help.

TracLogik Airside & Landside Ground Support Equipment Tracking Solutions Enable

Always-On Monitoring

Monitor Your Assets in Real-Time

Historical Data

Check historical data to ensure compliance

System Integration

Integrate to your other monitoring systems

Real Time Notifications

Set alerts and notifications for unplanned events. Get notfied of developing situations in real-time.

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