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TracLogik specializes in Time & Attendance Monitoring Solutions to capture staff attendance information from any location.

TimeAttend is TracLogik's time & attendance monitoring & reporting system.

Any person or item can automatically record arrival and departure times.

As well as recording when a person, package, piece of equipment or vehicle arrived or left a location, TracLogik calculates the total duration of the session, total wages earned and discrepancies such as late arrivals or early departures.

With a built in scheduling system, the system can dispatch push notifications via email or SMS, in the event that a staff member is late, a package fails to arrive or a vehicle moves when it shouldn’t.

ScanLogik - Wireless wall unit & key fob / biometric

ScanLogik wall mounted units are perfect for quickly and easily recording staff time and attendance at larger sites

FoneLogik - Clock in by phone or mobile

Your staff clock in by making a 5 second phonecall and can use any type of phone, chosen by you, at any location that you decide.

GPS - Automated clock-in via GPS tracker

Using a GPS device, staff are automatically clocked in and out when they arrive and leave site.


Automated time and attendance monitoring.

Built in Scheduling

Manage remote teams with disparate schedules.

Telephony Clock-In

Simple clock-in via any phone. Or use wall units with fobs, or biometric.

Real Time Notifications

Set alerts and notifications for unplanned events. Get notfied of developing situations in real-time.

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