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TracLogik specializes in Remote Task Management Solutions to empower your business and workforce.

TracLogik's Remote Task Management app can be deployed via dedicated, low cost, TracLogik handheld devices or via a downloadable app on existing Smartphones.

A live task list is displayed to field based staff, with which they can interact in real-time. Instant feedback and task completion is then sent back to Asset Command, enhancing productivity and automating management processes..

Tasks can be distributed to groups or individuals on a scheduled basis or as individual jobs as and when they are needed. Furthermore, issues identified by operatives can be directly reported back from the field, enhancing two way communication.

TracLogik's Remote Task Management is incredibly flexible and is used in a vast array of different applications.

  • Equipment servicing
  • Guard patrol duties
  • Contract cleaning
  • Remote surveying
  • Stock taking
  • Quality control

Task Management

Enhance productivity for remote tasks.

Live Data

Ensure operatives are working from a real-time task list with instant feedback.

Built-In Scheduling

Fully featured flexible scheduling engine to ensure the right task is issued to the right operative.

Endless Customisation

Fully customisable to meet diverse end-user requirements.

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