Healthcare Asset Tracking via RFiD  

View asset locations in real time

Reduce theft and increase asset recovery rates

Access real time asset sensor information

Set alerts and notifications for unplanned events

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Streamlined Location and Management of Medical Records & Pharmacy Inventory

Using RFiD tracking tags assets and staff can be tracked throughout hospital buildings.

The low cost of passive RFiD tags means that they are particularly relevant for tracking lower-value or consumable assets, such as medical records or pharmacy inventory.

RFiD Tracking Tags - Active & Passive

Passive RFiD tags do not possess an on-board source of power. Instead, the passive RFiD tag receives its power from the energising electromagnetic field of an RFiD reader (or interrogator). The energy coupled from the electromagnetic field is used to power the passive tag's microelectronics.

Active RFiD tags contain a battery that directly powers RF communication. This on-board power source allows an active RFiD tag to transmit information about itself at far greater ranges than passive tags, either by constantly beaconing this information to an RFiD tag reader or by transmitting only when it is prompted to do so.

RFiD Overlay Network

The RFiD readers pick up messages from the tracking tags and report the location of the tags back to the TracLogik Control Centre. Readers can be deployed at choke points for entry/exit monitoring, or more widely for full real-time location information of tracked assets.

Readers can also be hand-held enabling asset locations to be updated be staff as they travel throughout the hospital with a handheld reader.

The system is flexible, enabling further readers to be added as required to extend the system’s footprint.

TracLogik Control Centre

The TracLogik Control Centre brings the tracking information to life for users. Users are able to report on assets – to see the locations of specific assets or a group of assets, locations – to see which assets are at a specific location or just view a map to see the locations of all assets graphically.

With built in user profiles administrators can ensure that users can only view the assets & locations they need.

Sample Healthcare Applications

  • Instantly locate your assets throughout the hospital
  • Track lower cost or consumable assets with very low cost passive tracking tags
  • Create asset reports at the click of a button
  • Ensure that pharmacy expiry dates are not missed
  • Reduce asset theft
  • Track, locate and dramatically reduce the time spend in the management of medical records

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