Calculating Healthcare RTLS ROI  

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Deploying a Healthcare Real Time Location System (RTLS) can lead to a dramatic return on investment, but only if you know where to look for the efficiency savings.

Better Staff Utilisation

Hospitals are busy places, with lots of assets spread across a large area. By enabling front-line staff to see where the equipment they need to do their jobs is located, they'll be able to focus on delivering better patient care, rather than looking for equipment.

Maintenance staff will no longer have to spend their days searching for the equipment that requires servicing; they can simply check where it is.

Better Asset Utilisation

With staff able to easily find and access equipment, the utilisation of that equipment typically increases.

By making it easy for front-line staff to locate the equipment they need, they'll use it more often. It's good for overall equipment return on investment, but moreover it's good for patient care too.

Better Procurement

Lord Carter's NHS Efficiency Review highlighted £1bn of procurement savings available.

With a real-time view of asset utilisation, procurement teams will be able to use data (rather than opinion) to answer questions like 'Do we really need to buy more infusion pumps?'. This means that potentially costly procurement decisions can be evidence-led and scarce resources can be allocated based on real need.

Better Loss Prevention

Items get lost, misplaced and stolen. With an RTLS system you can easily track down missing items, and receive alerts from the TracLogik Control Centre if an item leaves the premises.

For items that do go away from the Trust's estate, they can be tracked via GPS to ensure that they're returned on the time and remain properly serviced and calibrated.

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